Pain Supplements

Products in this category are pain supplements for the treatment of pain and inflammation in racehorses, dogs (greyhounds), camels and other performance animals.
Methocarbamol (Generic Robaxin-V) 100mg/ml 100ml
Methocarbamol Injection (Generic Robaxin-V) 100mg/ml 100ml
No Pain 100ml Panacin®
No Pain Injection 100ml Panacin ®
NO PAIN Explosion 10ml
NO PAIN Explosion Injection 10ml
No Pain Pro 100ml Mitachondral®
No Pain Pro Injection 100ml Mitachondral ®
Phenylbutazone 200mg/ml 100ml
Phenylbutazone Injection 200mg/ml 100ml
P-Block (Sarapin) 100ml
P-Block Injection (Sarapin) 100ml
Flunixin (Generic Banamine) 50mg/ml 100ml
Flunixin Injection (Generic Banamine) 50mg/ml 100ml
Flumethasone (Flucort) 0.5mg/ml 100ml
Flumethasone Injection (Flucort) 0.5mg/ml 100ml
Dexamethasone 4.37mg/ml 100ml
Dexamethasone Injection 4.37mg/ml 100ml