Performance Supplements

Products in this category are used to bring out the best in racehorses, dogs (greyhounds), camels and other performance animals.
ATP 12.5mg/ml 30ml
ATP Injection 12.5mg/ml 30ml
Green Speed 50ml
Green Speed Injection 50ml
Guaifenesin (Wobbler Jug) 50mg/ml 100ml
Guaifenesin Injection (Wobbler Jug) 50mg/ml 100ml
Magnesium Sulfate 500mg/ml 100ml
Magnesium Sulfate Injection 500mg/ml 100ml
Muscle Buffer Explosion 50ml
Muscle Buffer Explosion 50ml
No Ty-Up 100ml Tridenosen® and Tripart®
No Ty-Up Injection 100ml Tridenosen ® and Tripart ®
Race Time 10ml
Race Time Injection 10ml
TB-500 Thymosin Beta-4 10mg 2ml Single Dose Vial
TB-500 Thymosin Beta-4 10mg 2ml €“ Single Dose Vial
Ozone 100ml
Ozone Injection 100ml
Thunder 100ml
Thunder Injection 100ml
White Lightning 100ml
White Lightning Injection 100ml
Yellow Explosion 10ml
Yellow Explosion Injection 10ml
Extreme Explosion 30ml
Extreme Explosion Injection 30ml
Endurance Explosion 50ml
Endurance Explosion Injection 50ml
DADA 250 250mg/ml 50ml
DADA 250 Injection 250mg/ml 50ml
ATP Explosion Oral Gel 1000mg/30ml tube
ATP Explosion Oral Gel 1000mg/30ml tube
Adenosine Monophosphate 200mg/ml 30ml
Adenosine Monophosphate Injection 200mg/ml 30ml
ACTH GEL 80IU/ml 10ml
ACTH GEL Injection 80IU/ml 10ml
ITPP Pre-Race Package
ITPP Injection Pre-Race Package
ITPP 200mg/ml 10ml
ITPP Injection 200mg/ml 10ml