Products in this category are vitamin supplements for racehorses, dogs (greyhounds), camels and other performance animals. has an extensive product line that includes: Vitamin B12 1000, Vitamin B1 Thiamine Injection, Vitamin C Injection, B12 with Phosphorus Injection, Redcell Plus and Vitamin EXPLOSION.
Hemo PLUS 100ml
Hemo PLUS Injection 100ml
Iron Explosion Hippiron® 100ml
Iron Explosion Injection Hippiron® 100ml
Jurosenic 100ml Jurocyl®
Jurosenic Injection 100ml Jurocyl®
L-Arginine 200mg/ml 100ml
L-Arginine Injection 200mg/ml 100ml
L-Carnitine 200mg/ml 100ml
L-Carnitine Injection 200mg/ml 100ml
L-Carnosine 50mg/ml 100ml Physine®
L-Carnosine Injection 50mg/ml 100ml Physine®
RBC Explosion Blood Builder 10ml
RBC Explosion Blood Builder Injection 10ml
Vitamin B12 1000 100ml
Vitamin B12 1000 Injection 100ml
Vitamin B12 5000 30ml
Vitamin B12 5000 Injection 30ml
Redcell PLUS 100ml
Redcell PLUS Injection 100ml
Red Explosion Blood Builder 10ml
Red Explosion Blood Builder Injection 10ml
Vitamin B1 Thiamine 125mg/ml 100ml
Vitamin B1 Thiamine Injection 125mg/ml 100ml
Vitamin B Complex with Lipotropes 100ml
Vitamin B Complex with Lipotropes 100ml
Vitamin C 250mg/ml 100ml
Vitamin C Injection 250mg/ml 100ml
Vitamin Explosion 30ml
Vitamin Explosion Injection 30ml
Folic Acid 15mg/ml 100ml
Folic Acid Injection 15mg/ml 100ml
Vitamins and Minerals VAM 100ml
Vitamins and Minerals Injection VAM 100ml